The adventure began in the Sierra de Segura, when we, the Martínez Sedeño family, who believe strongly in the benefits of healthy eating habits, decided to grow our own organic food to be sold directly to the consumer. For us, it was important that the food we produced had a direct link to the well-being and good health of our consumers. In the beginning, we started to make simple homemade recipes using our cultivated organic products, and quickly obtained excellent results. This was enough to motivate us to begin a new chapter in our lives, in which we decided to create our own industry.


The first chapter of the company history began in 1997 when SCA Cortijo del Gavilán opened its doors in a small facility located in Puente de Génave (Jaén). Here we started to create a range of traditional artisan products, such as Andalusian gazpacho, olive patés and a variety of tomato sauces.

Many of our clients greatly valued the high quality of our healthy, artisan products and were proud to be represented by our family brand, so that many in fact proposed to use white labels, to market their own recipes. Our work with SCA Cortijo del Gavilán is one such example of this union, with whom we continue to maintain excellent quality-price conditions.


The second chapter of this story began in 2006, when the transfer of the company became imminent because the initial facilities did not fully accommodate us in meeting the needs of the market.  As a result, the factory was moved to Siles (Jaén), in the Sierras de Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas Natural Park.


From humble beginnings, in which our family produced a small range of vegetable preserves and dishes, we have since greatly expanded our food production, and we now work with meats, such as stews and broths, and even infant food such as puree.

A new chapter began in 2017, as another change of facilities led to the expansion of our entire infrastructure. In this way, it was possible to improve the scale of production and provide greater communication links for the transport of the products. Thus, the company was moved to Santisteban del Puerto (Jaén) where we were warmly received.


From the very beginning, the Martínez Sedeño family has worked with the firm conviction that all of our organic produce must be of the highest quality, and it is that brings the greatest loyalty from our customers. Therefore, we work with our own raw materials, harvested in local fields by carefully selected farmers, who provide us with top-notch vegetables.


We trust that this story has many more chapters to be written. As a result of the great work and effort we have put in, and the knowledge and experience that we have acquired, we see a great future ahead of us, for both ourselves and our clients, made up of a wide range of delicious organic products, worthy of the most exquisite palates.



In SCA Cortijo del Gavilán we have the necessary machines to carry out the process of preparation, always guaranteeing the highest quality. Our 1,500 m2 facility is divided into a processing room, a storage room for containers and packaging, another for raw materials, a cold room and a storage room for finished products.


All of these facilities are ideally suited to the manufacture and refinement of our products, while also complying with all health and safety regulations and applicable hygiene regulations.



Bihortal is a brand of our company that specializes in the production and marketing of organic products. Our wide product catalogue is characterized by artisanal produce, using raw materials of the highest quality. Natural ingredients, traditional recipes and a great deal of patience, have resulted in products of exceptional quality that maintain the highest quality standards.


It goes without saying that the basis of our recipes is the right balance between traditional production methods and the quality of raw materials. All this, seasoned with love, tradition and craftsmanship, make for a unique product in texture and taste.


Our products are certified by the CAAE according to the regulation (CE) 834/2007, which regulates the ecological production method. They also have the stamp AB (Agriculture Biologique) and BIO SEAL.

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